Another Day Closer, and Another Day Stressed

Well, here I am. Another day older, hour sleepless, and dollar shorter. Though I won’t dwell on that…today.

Nerves are starting to build. I’m 65 days out from leaving for Disney (not to be confused with my 67 days til CHECK IN!!!) and I. AM. TERRIFIED.

There are two thoughts in my mind as every hour passes. Pack now and be prepared, or pack later and wing it. Every fiber of me is trying to resist getting ready. I’m at least two months out, but thoughts are getting to me.

I have been told in the same breath to be both nervous and not nervous. Talk about staring at an upside down map.


Yeah I have a lot on my mind. Thankfully, I’ve been taught the coping skills in which I need to move forward with life. I may be terrible at applying them, but I have them nonetheless.

Life hasn’t prepared me for this though. I’m moving hundreds of miles away, in a new timezone (which I have done before), but I’ve never done it alone. Of course I’ll have my amazing roommates, but I can’t just call my mom and tell her I’ll be over in ten minutes. Things like that worry me.

But worry, as I’ve been told since I could comprehend the concept of it, is apart of life. Unfortunately, everyone is right. It is apart of life. I could pretend it isn’t til my face turns blue but it is the cold hard truth.

So I must march on, preferably to the beat of my own drum, and get ready. I feel like just yesterday, I was at 119 days until I was shipping out! I can imagine the next month is going to rush by before I know it.


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