Step Four: Stop Using Steps for Titles

Okay, I need to stop with steps. I’m a chunky girl. I don’t step unless I have to.

Anyway, on to a new topic.


*cue scary music*

I know. This is the beginning of the end. Only 17 and already deciding what to do with my life…

That’s actually not true. At all. I want to do so many things. Unfortunately, I’ve got the decision-making skills of a golden lab surrounded by new toys. Choosing to do one thing for the rest of my life sounds like a death sentence.

In this Fall of 2017 semester, I’ve already made three different choices for three different paths.

  1. Apply for the Spring Advantage 2018 DCP (Disney College Program) and sell my soul to Disney for work. (It would be from January to August)
  2. Agree to study abroad in Italy for 8 days. (Who needs a normal New Years when you can spend it in Rome?!)
  3. Decide on Psychology to be my choice of major.

You know, I can hear it now.

“Olivia, that’s great! You’re really putting yourself out there!”

While you’re right, there’s a small key to my anxiety in that sentence. I’m putting myself out there.

“But Olivia, you chose to do these things. Anxiety shouldn’t be getting to you.”

Trust me, I know.

All of my life, I have stayed where I need to be. If you had asked me a few years ago, I’d tell you I want to be a teacher at the same school my mother previously worked at. Branching out surely wasn’t in the works.

Now that I’m adulting, I realize I can get up and do what I would like. Work in a library? Done. Apply for internships across the country? Done. Be happy? … Still working on that one.

People set so many goals on how to be successful, what you should be doing by 18, or just plain existing. Why can’t people just do what they want to do? Not in a “screw bills, I’m spending my money on all the penguins in Antarctica” kind of way. I mean doing things that please you.

Slightly Related:  I read a blog that said kids should start saving for houses at 15. Wait…what?

You’re telling me that I should already have about $3,000 saved in the bank by the time I’m 18, send myself to college, pay for an apartment during said college time, and have no extra money except to follow this budget?

Folks, it’s 2017. The millennials aren’t leaving. I don’t know if that’s what you were hoping, but we are here to stay. Life has changed since Gen X & Y’s young adulthood. If you’re saying it hasn’t… we gotta have a quick talk (that shall be saved for a later day).

I get working hard comes with adulting. That’s just a given. I’m already facing it now. The end is nigh, as they say.

However, why can’t there be some fun?

People will damn my life preferences to hell and back. They already clock me for religious practices (aka I have none) and my support of human rights. With that being said, I’m not letting anyone, no matter what generation, stop me from having a good time. (*cue Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen*)

TL;DR – I’m going to adult however I please, thank you very much.






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