Step Two: Meet All My Sisters

As sleep leaves me alone tonight, receding to it’s coin-filled cage like the scaly creature it is, I reminisce.
This Monday, I was blessed to meet all 4 of my half sisters at one time. We had a wonderful day together while learning about each other. I got to know a family I never had. Sisters, younger and older, who I could pester and make jokes with.
I saw myself in each person. I understood why each mother found us a little bit like the other. Some part of my wonders if it was our damnded father, or the similar mothering styles we were raised with.
Kylie, the oldest, reminded me that you can bounce back. We both have similar mannerisms, and I’d like to think I share that sassy, push back manner with her. That characteristic got me a lot of places, and I can thank her for helping me realize it was a normal trait among us.
Emily, the second oldest, taught me quirky was a trait we shared. She and I have that secretly bad to the bone feeling, sailor-be-damned potty mouths, and little to no care lifestyle. I loved knowing that she was a geek like me. We were on a wave length not many could catch on to, and it made my heart swell.

Samantha, the middle (but seldom ignored) child, showed me that being ourselves was something we wore well. She was strong in her place, and had me dreaming to be so level headed. We are so close in age and interests. I remember agreeing with a large amount of what she said. We’re the literature nerds with Disney in our hearts.

This is where I would fall in the line. I learned a lot about myself, but not as much as these girls taught me.
Lola, the youngest of the troop, brings out the joyous teenager in me. She’s always shown me that there’s a fun side to everything. I unwind when I’m around her, remembering to take life by the leash and drag it with me. We’re very close, having met years ago, and I’m so thankful for it. We’re the always hugging, borderline creepy sisters who have a knack for being totally us. It was great to know that no matter what, we’d always be us.

Sigh. I love my sisters.
We have a long way to go, but that never mattered much to me. I love them, my mother, my grandparents. They mean the world to me, and adding sisters means giving more love to others. I’ll always cherish these girls.

Peace Out, Former Girl Scout


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